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About Us

Our company --- Starriver language school is an education institution. We provide Chinese tutoring courses for secondary school, primary school and pre-school students. Our supervisor Ms. Li Xiurong has been engaged in the cause of education in China and Singapore for over 20 years. She understands and is very familiar with Singapore's education system and its linguistic and cultural backgrounds. With her professional knowledge as well as her vivid and flexible teaching methods in the past decade in Singapore, she has successfully cultivated her students’ writing skills, resulting in students writing wonderful articles and essays.


Our company has a group of excellent, experienced Chinese teachers. Most of them are from China and all have graduated from University, in Language and Literature, or in the Performing Arts. In the teaching process, our teachers focus on the individual interests of the students and enhance those students’ confidence in Chinese. In the meantime, teachers also pay great attention to the moral education of the students and lead students to the correct path.

In addition to the above, our company also provides other activities outside school, such as Chinese Speech, Drama, Composition, Comprehension and Oral skill courses. For example, our company has cooperated with BAMBINI MONTESSORI-CHILDCARE for more than two years to teach their Children's Performing Arts Course, which was highly praised by parents. Currently, our company is cooperating with KENT RIDGE EDUCATION in writing, comprehension and oral courses.

With our company’s rapid development, we are very confident that we are able to provide students with better and more professional services in learning Chinese.



我们的公司----Starriver language school 是一间专业的华文教育机构,创办于2013 年 8月,主要提供中、小学及学前华文教育的课外辅导课程。我们的主管李秀蓉(LI XIURONG )女士,在中国及新加坡二十多年的工作经历中,一直从事教育事业。她非常了解新加坡的教育体系和语言文化背景。在新加坡近二十年,她营造了最精彩的作文课堂,以较全面的专业知识和灵活生动的教学法成功地让学生爱上写作,写出一篇篇精彩的文章。



公司除了本部的补习课程以外,还提供校外 Chinese Speech & Drama Programme 及 Composition ,Comprehension ,Oral skills 等课程服务。例如,中心已与 BAMBINI MONTESSORI-CHILDEARE 合作两年,教导Children’s Performing Arts Course,受到家长的好评。公司现在也是KENT RIDGE EDUCATION 的华文教学项目的合作伙伴。