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Compositions,Comprehensions and Oral Lessons(CCO) (P2-P6)

写作、理解和口试课程 (P2-P6)

●   Compositions
     - Learn to write the first paragraph & Closings for Compositions
     - Learn to describe movements, conversations, and mental thoughts of a person
     - Learn to describe a story in details
     - Learn to apply Chinese Idioms, Proverbs and Phrases
     - Learn to look out for the main points of a Comprehension.
     - 学习如何写作文的开头和结尾
     - 学习如何描写人物的语言、动作、对话和心理活动
     - 学习如何描写故事的细节
     - 学习怎样在作文中运用成语、谚语、俗语、惯用语
     - 学习怎样抓住文章的重点等
●   Comprehensions
     - How to find the answer to a question
     - How to find the key point of a question
     - Learn to answer a critical thinking question.
●    Oral Skills  (P1-P6)
     - Learn to use the right tone for a reading passage
     - How to determine the rate of speech, reread,distinguish polyphone, light tone character
     - How to describe the content of a video
     - How to express personal views and thoughts
     - How to catch the main point of the conversation with invigilator
   口试技巧 (P1-P6):
     - 怎样把握短文的语气语调 
     - 怎样确定语速、重读、轻读音节
     - 怎样描述录像的内容
     - 怎样谈感想与看法
     - 怎样抓住主题与主考官对话