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Holiday Courses (N2-S2)

假期课程 (N2-S2)
●   Chinese Fun Camp (N2-P2)

     This course helps children to express themselves orally and acquire better oral skills. It develops their talents in language and the arts through a series of interesting programmes, such as performing to audience, language games (nursery rhymes, tongue twisters, poetry reading), drama, skit, singing and dancing to rhythm.

 语文游戏(儿歌、绕口令、诗朗诵等)、表演唱、律动、 故事会、手工、书画、汉语拼音、字词句的听说读写、看动画等。
●    Compositions,Comprehensions and Oral Lessons (P2-P6)

    - How to write the beginning & ending.
    - Describing a person to Actions, Speech and Mentality of a person.
    - How to use Chinese Idioms & Sayings in Composition.
    - How to describe the details of the story.
    - How to get the main points of the Composition.
 写作、理解和口试课程 (P2-P6)
    -  怎样写作文的开头和结尾 
    -  如何描写人物的动作、对话和心理活动。 
    -  怎样在作文中运用成语、谚语、惯用语。 
    -  如何在作文中运用比喻、排比、拟人、夸张等修辞手法。 
    -  怎样抓住文章的重点
●    PSLE drilling (P6)

      Tackle problems in close passage, thinking comprehension,composition.
 小六会考冲刺 (P6)

●   Secondary (S1-S2)
     Through the study of famous quotes, speeches, drama, proverbs, sayings, riddles and other fun activities, students will build a solid foundation for Chinese writing.