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Chinese Language Exercises: Improve the understanding and application of Chinese words and phrases through listening, speaking, reading, and writing. We focus on developing students’ skills in comprehending and using vocabulary and sentences effectively. Comprehension: Enhance skills in analyzing passages and answering questions. We emphasize reading comprehension, cultivating students’ ability to analyze passages and develop techniques for answering questions. Studying and Applying Quotations, Poems, Idioms, Proverbs, and Phrases: We place importance on the study and application of quotations, poems, idioms, proverbs, and phrases. Students will learn how to use these linguistic forms and expand their vocabulary. Through studying these forms of expression, students will enhance their Chinese language skills and develop an appreciation and understanding of Chinese culture. Key features of our course include: Diverse learning methods: We employ a variety of learning methods, including listening exercises, oral conversations, reading materials, and writing exercises, to help students enhance their overall Chinese language proficiency. Focus on developing thinking skills: We emphasize the development of students’ analytical, reasoning, and creative thinking abilities. Through reading comprehension and writing exercises, we stimulate students’ thinking potential. Practical teaching: We emphasize the application of learned knowledge to real-life and social contexts, enabling students to use the Chinese language effectively.