Compositions, Comprehensions and Oral Lessons 写作、理解和口试课程 (P3)

- How to write the beginning & ending. - Describing a person to Actions, Speech and Mentality of a person. - How to use Chinese Idioms & Sayings in Composition. - How to describe the details of the story. - How to get the main points of the Composition.

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Course overview

Compositions, Comprehensions and Oral Lessons (CCO)

Key features of our course include:

  • Rich composition content: Through various composition exercises, we help students master the skills of writing opening paragraphs, conclusions, and enhance their writing abilities.
  • Emphasis on comprehension: We focus on developing students’ comprehension skills, enabling them to find answers and identify key points in questions. We also provide training in critical thinking.
  • Oral expression: Through voice training and practical activities, we cultivate students’ oral communication skills. Students will learn to use the appropriate tone, speech rate, and expression to accurately describe information and express personal opinions.


  • Learn to write the opening paragraph and conclusion for compositions
  • Learn to describe the movements, conversations, and thoughts of a person
  • Learn to provide detailed descriptions of a story
  • Learn to incorporate Chinese idioms, proverbs, and phrases
  • Learn to identify the main points in comprehension passages


  • Learn how to find the answer to a question
  • Learn how to identify the key points in a question
  • Learn to answer critical thinking questions

Oral Skills (P1-P6):

  • Learn to use the appropriate tone when reading passages
  • Learn to determine speech rate, reread, distinguish homophones, and pronounce light tone characters
  • Learn to describe the content of a video
  • Learn to express personal views and thoughts
  • Learn to grasp the main points of a conversation with an invigilator


  • 学习如何撰写作文的开头和结尾
  • 学习如何描述人物的动作、对话和思想
  • 学习如何详细描述一个故事
  • 学习如何运用成语、谚语和短语
  • 学习如何抓住阅读理解的重点


  • 学习如何找到问题的答案
  • 学习如何找到问题的关键点
  • 学习如何回答批判性思考的问题


  • 学习如何正确运用语调阅读课文
  • 学习如何控制语速、重新阅读,区分多音字和轻声字
  • 学习如何描述视频的内容
  • 学习如何表达个人观点和思想
  • 学习如何抓住与监考官对话的重点


  • 丰富的作文内容:我们通过多种主题的作文练习,帮助学生掌握作文的开头、结尾写作技巧,丰富他们的写作能力。
  • 重视阅读理解:我们注重培养学生对阅读材料的理解能力,让他们学会找到问题的答案和关键点,并提供批判性思考的训练。
  • 口语表达:我们通过语音训练和实践活动,培养学生的口语表达能力。学生将学会运用正确的语调、语速和表达方式,准确描述信息和表达个人观点。

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