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成人班 (初级 - 高级)

Adult Chinese Language Course (Beginner – Advanced)

Our Adult Chinese Language Course is designed to cater to learners at various proficiency levels, from beginner to advanced. Whether you have little or no background in Chinese or wish to enhance your existing skills, our course offers a comprehensive and structured curriculum to meet your learning goals.

Beginner Mandarin (I, II & III)

This course includes 3 levels. It is designed for people with few or no background of Chinese, and wish to either learn the language or improve their proficiency in it. Participants will learn Hanyu Pinyin (Romanization system for Chinese), simple sentence structure and daily conversation. By completing the course, participants can manage simple conversation at daily situations and a deeper understanding of the Chinese Language.

Intermediate Mandarin (I, II & III)

This course is a continuation course of Beginner Mandarin, It includes 3 levels and aims to increase conversation fluency of the participants. Upon completion of this course, participants are expected to expand their vocabulary through more topics of daily life and express their opinions and viewpoints. By completing this course, participants will be ready to enter Advanced Level.

Advanced Mandarin (I, II & III)

Advanced Mandarin includes 3 levels. Participants will enter a higher level of Mandarin learning, including Business Conversation, Newspaper Reading, Chinese Culture and etc. Upon completion, participants will master about 1600 Chinese phrases, and are able to apply them in discussions of various social topics and current affairs.

Qualified and Experienced Instructor

Dr. Wang was a University Senior Lecturer (PhD, MBA, MA, BA). She had been teaching Mandarin Courses in the University for about 26 years. She specializes in teaching Mandarin at all levels, including Adult Classes (Intensive Mandarin Programme & Part-time Courses) with certificate and Undergraduate Levels with credit. She is also teaching Mandarin to Diplomats, Expatriates, Senior Government Officials and Corporate Senior Management.