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小六会考冲刺 (P6)

PSLE drilling (P6)

Tackle problems in close passage, thinking comprehension, and composition.

PSLE Drilling (P6) is a course designed to help students tackle problems in close passage, thinking comprehension, and composition.

Close Passage: In our course, students will learn how to effectively approach close passage questions. We will explain and practice different types of comprehension questions, including fill in the blanks, true or false, and inference questions. By developing skills in understanding the main idea, details, and inference abilities in a passage, students will enhance their comprehension techniques and strategies.

Thinking Comprehension: Our course will help students fully comprehend and tackle thinking comprehension questions. Students will learn how to analyze problems, extract key information, and apply logical reasoning and problem-solving techniques. By cultivating agility in thinking and logical thinking abilities, students will face thinking comprehension questions with greater confidence and improve the accuracy and efficiency of their answers.

Composition: In our course, students will receive training and practice specifically for composition. We will teach students how to write logically and coherently, as well as organize their viewpoints and arguments. Students will learn different types of composition topics, including narratives, expository essays, and argumentative essays. Through practice and feedback, they will enhance their composition writing skills and proficiency.

Key features of our course include:

  • Targeted Training: Our course provides targeted training based on the characteristics and requirements of the PSLE exam, specifically addressing the challenges in close passage, thinking comprehension, and composition.
  • Simulated Practice: We provide a large number of simulated practice questions to help students become familiar with the question types and requirements of the PSLE exam, enabling them to better cope with exam pressure.
  • Personalized Coaching: Our course emphasizes personalized coaching, providing tailored guidance and feedback based on each student’s characteristics and needs, helping them overcome difficulties and improve their academic performance.
  • Small Class Teaching: We adopt a small class teaching approach to ensure that each student receives sufficient attention and guidance, enabling them to unleash their full potential.

We invite you to join our PSLE Drilling (P6) course and embark on a journey towards success in tackling close passage, thinking comprehension, and composition!

 小六会考冲刺 (P6)




近距离阅读理解: 在我们的课程中,学生将学习如何有效应对近距离阅读理解题。我们将讲解和练习不同类型的阅读理解题目,包括填空、判断和推理题。通过学习理解文章的主旨、细节和推理能力,学生将提升阅读理解的技巧和策略。

思维理解: 我们的课程将帮助学生充分理解和应对思维理解题。学生将学习如何分析问题,提炼关键信息,运用逻辑推理和解题技巧。通过培养思维敏捷性和逻辑思考能力,学生将更加自信地面对思维理解题,并提高解题的准确性和效率。

作文: 在我们的课程中,学生将得到针对作文方面的训练和练习。我们将教授学生如何撰写富有逻辑和连贯性的作文,以及如何组织观点和论证。学生将学习不同类型的作文题目,包括记叙文、说明文和议论文,通过练习和反馈,他们将提升作文写作的技巧和水平。


  • 针对性训练:我们的课程根据PSLE考试的特点和要求,有针对性地训练学生面对近距离阅读理解、思维理解和作文的挑战。
  • 实战模拟:我们将提供大量的实战模拟练习题目,帮助学生熟悉PSLE考试的题型和要求,以便他们能够更好地应对考试压力。
  • 个性化辅导:我们的课程注重个性化辅导,根据学生的特点和需求,提供针对性的指导和反馈,帮助他们克服困难,提升学习成绩。
  • 小班教学:我们采用小班教学模式,保证每个学生都能得到充分的关注和指导,以便他们充分发挥潜力。